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Eimer & Maxon C4D r14 booklet

Posted by elq 24/09/2012 | LINK

Maxon promotes the new Cinema 4D release 14 with Eimer´s artwork ‘Mercury’

Until the Light takes us – cgi, vray

Posted by elq 23/07/2012 | LINK

Until the light takes us

The wolves Skalli and Hati hunt from the beginning to the end of all times the moon and the sun across the sky. At the time of Ragnarök (the “Twilight of the Gods”, the end of the world in Norse mythology) Skalli and Hati will seek to outrun and devour the moon and the sun. The blood of the moon will then darken the sky. In my imagination, Skalli and Hati are robotic wolves with an infinite supply of energy. They have chased the moon for thousands of years, caught up with him at the end of times, eaten him, and now they have fallen back into their old patterns. They live in space stations, which have outlived their creators and awaiting their return in standby mode. They located bright fixed points, that sun and moon had given them, which now have disappeared entirely. Skalli and Hati have swallowed up the light of life now and enjoy human relics in the destroyed atmosphere of our world. On dusty surveillance monitors you see them still staring at the light of incandescent lamps. For all eternity. After almost every energy source has been extinguished over time, they find an infinite supply of self-reproducing mechanical animals. In Skalli and Hatis eyes, these bright beings are still the sun and moon at their birth. The hunt is on.

the creating process was a hell of a ride.
took me month to finish it and now I’m very exhausted.
This piece is part of my B-o-A Graduation and the Vray Anniversary Contest from cgtalk.com as well.

Final Render Solution was 6562×9450 (62 Megapixels). Saving the .psb took around 20 Minutes for each save (i got 12gb Ram, a SSD and an i7 960…) at this resolution.
Build with Cinema 4D, rendered with Vray.

Mercury – c4d, vray, zbrush

Posted by elq 20/01/2012 | LINK

CG Choice Award Winner - CGTalk


It’s been a while. From geniuses to artificial curtains to ancient rooms, filled with wires, screens and remainings from past days. This piece has been an itch inside my head, leaving me restless for almost 5 weeks. From now on things will feel different. Right now words fail me. They fall short and are lagging behind the great feeling of finishing something or the uncertainties of days to come. Maybe the guy or girl living in that room together with the cat has these thoughts, too.

thanks alot.


tech stuff informations:
c4d, vray, photoshop and a little bit of zbrush.
rendertime: 16 hours via tiled cam.

Ancient Area Network – Artwork

Posted by elq 29/09/2011 | LINK

“I’ve got my Nickname on such a party. We played a FarCry Alpha and were too young to think about tommorow. Eight people, spreaded over one floor for three days, while a storm was unconvering the pantiles, which flew around.

Inside, we gave each other headshots.
Everytime I think about it, time is standing still .. it’s like time travelling into the past. What if i had gotten too far? Would the world stand still when I play FarCry with my friends in 1890? Would have Robert given me the name, that I now use on the internet? I want to show the host’s cook how a microwave works. I want to see their surprised faces, illuminated by the glimmer of an old CRT. I want them to write their first Email on my keyboard. The “@” will be their new father. The King’s daughter will be impressed by my router and let me touch her mainboard. Please shut down your firewall and join my workgroup, because otherwise downloading the games won’t work. Counter Strike with lords and ladys.”

Ancient Area Network - Artwork C4D CGI 3D

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